Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Daiman - Sith Lord

Another commission for my a client who is thankfully very understanding about me finding out how to balance my new duties as a stay at home dad with time in the workshop. Daiman, also a Old Republic Era Sith Lord, along with Odion might just be some of my favorite Star Wars customs to have made. It gave me a chance to play with translucent reds and metallic paints as well as cloth capes, the later of which I tend to avoid on my own figures.

Though I don't know much about the characters, I've been happy with how these came out and think they represent their comic book counterparts pretty well.

Parts Recipe:
Loki (5POA) - Head with Sculpted Hairline
Red Hood - Torso
The Leader - Boots, Gauntlet, Hip Armor
Darth Vader - Arms, Hands, Hips, Upper Legs
Destro - Cyber-Arm
James McCullen IX - Shoulder Armor
Mutt - Neck Piece

Monday, January 26, 2015

Malakite - Sith Lord

Another commission, Malakite is a Sith Lord from the Old Republic Era of Star Wars comics. It's an interesting challenge to tackle comic characters that only appear in a few panels, but Malakite has a unique look that wasn't too difficult to reproduce in figure form.

Parts Recipe:
Sergeant Harkas - Head
Nom Anor - Torso, Waist, Upper Legs
Chewbacca - Lower Arms, Lower Legs
Voolvif Monn - Upper Arms
Mas Ameda - Hands
Embo - Feet
Forest Warrior (Battlefield Earth) - Fur Collar