Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Major Chip Hazard - Leader of the Commando Elite

Made for the "No-Joe-Challenge" #89 at, "Faux-Joes", I took a stab at Chip Hazard from the film Small Soldiers. I really liked how the movie makes the typical hero figures into the badguys, and thought the Commando Elite could make for an interesting corrupt PMC organization in the 'Joe universe. This is my first real attempt at camo patterns on a figure, something I've always found daunting and wasn't too happy with when I finished the figure. Turned out alright in the photos, I'm encouraged to try some more elaborate patterns eventually.

Parts Recipe
Mutt - Upper Arms, Legs
Flint - Torso
Tunnel Rat - Lower Arms
Wild Bill - Vest
Firefly - Boots
JP Chaos Effect Dieter Stark - Head

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Atonement and Penance - Guardian Statues

These are just some simple diorama background pieces I put together using some older Star Wars figures with static poses. I liked the way the first one came out so much that I decided I needed to make a darker counterpart. Very happy with how these came together!

Parts Recipe:
Padmé Amidala - Base Figures
MegaBlocks World of Warcraft Swift Gryphon - Angelic Wings
Darkchylde Ariel - Demonic Wings
Cast - Skeleton Head
Gandalf - Light Sword
Army of Darkness - Dark Sword
Wooden Craft Candle Stick - Internal support base
Papa John's Sauce Container - Statue base

Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Binding Bride/Hidden Master - Shadow Weaver Leader

I came up with this design based on some great figures by HypnoHustler and 2DARK2C over at Originally I planned on making her red to match my Shadow Weaver figures, but decided to try white and was very pleased with the result. I also crowd sourced for name ideas, and had two people suggest the Jorōgumo from Japanese mythology, also known as the Binding Bride.

Lore-wise, like the rest of the Shadow Weavers she depends heavily on deception. She is the Hidden Master of the Arashikage clan, though very few people know that a woman holds the title. She is happy to play into the superstitions and expectations of her enemies to maintain an upper hand, though is a formidable fighter when misdirection is no longer and option.

Parts Recipe:
Evolutions Queen Amidala - Base Figure
Bultar Swan - Head

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Soaron - Biodread Empire Sky Sentries

Based on some old Captain Power figures, these two were created for the "Rise of the Robots" No-Joe-Challenge at Originally, the mini-drone was going to be an updated head design, but the longer I looked at the original head sculpt the more I was convinced it could still work. I decided to keep the alt-head as an accessory, a drone based on the Seeker enemies from X-Com: Enemy Within.

Also, there's no way these would have turned out so smooth looking if I hadn't been convinced to try spray paint again, seeing the results OreoBuilder showed in his Custom Celebration WIP threads.

Parts Recipe:
Soaron - Head, Wings
Assassin Droid - Base Figure
TX-20/TA-175 - Hands, Feet
SP-4 & JN-66 (Research Droids) - Wing Arms, Drone
Ivan "Whiplash" Vanko - Head Tail
Weapon Assault Drone - Drone Tails
The Corps! - Blaster

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Prime Evil - Ghost in the Machine

Hey, do you remember Ghostbusters? No, not that one. The ORIGINAL Ghostbusters? So yeah, this is a pretty obscure big bad from an 80's cartoon and toyline. Admittedly, I don't remember much about Filmation's Ghostbusters other than being REALLY confused about how it fit in with the movie I was familiar with by the same name (which is to say, not at all). Still, it had some really interesting villain designs, like this guy. Is he ghost? A robot? A robot-ghost? A ghost-robot? I don't know, but I'm pretty happy with how my update of him came out!

Parts Recipe:
Bludgeon Cast - Head
OOTP Dementor Figure - Body, Mid-Robes
Tusken Raider - Lower Robes
WoW Undead Warlock - Collar, Tattered Robes
Anakin Skywalker - Arms
Savage Opress - Hands

Monday, March 7, 2016

General Spidrax - Dark Domain Warlord

I updated the design here a bit, foregoing the helmet and trying to make his body more organic, and his armor more ornate. He's got a bit of a MOTU Webstor influence to his look, with the additional (fully posable!) legs. An 80's villain I've wanted to tackle for some time, started and completed during CCX. He doesn't have a torso joint, but does have a swivel waist now (with fixed hips) bringing him mostly in-line with GI Joe articulation.

Parts Recipe:
Dark Elf - Base Figure
Sora Bulq - Head
WoW Megablocks - Chest Armor
Sun Fac - Waist Armor
Nightcrawler - Waist
Kitty Pryde - Hips
Army of Darkness - Shield
OOTP Dementor - Spider Legs
LEGO - Spider leg talons, waist swivel peg
Croc Master - Whip
Storm Shadow - Whip handle

Rocksteady - Mutated Rhinoceros

This one has been sitting unfinished on my work bench for a while, but I decided the PHX Retro Toy Chest contest was a good time to finish him up. He's loosely based on the 'toon design, and involved a bit of sculpting (adding a beer gut to the Rhino figure, his neck, and turning the five-fingered hands into three-fingered hands). I designed quite a few Dreadnok inspired tattoos for him as well, but I'm unhappy with the results I'm getting from the waterslide paper I have on hand, so those will have to wait for a future update.

Grey Hulk - Pants
Power Charge Rhino - Shoulder Armor
Rhino - Torso, Arms, Feet
Papo Mutan Rhino - Head
World War Hulk - Hands, Leather Bracer
Skaar - Metal Bracer
LEGO - Hand articulation pins, torso swivel pin
GI Joe - Ammo Belt
War Machine - Gatling Gun