Monday, March 7, 2016

General Spidrax - Dark Domain Warlord

I updated the design here a bit, foregoing the helmet and trying to make his body more organic, and his armor more ornate. He's got a bit of a MOTU Webstor influence to his look, with the additional (fully posable!) legs. An 80's villain I've wanted to tackle for some time, started and completed during CCX. He doesn't have a torso joint, but does have a swivel waist now (with fixed hips) bringing him mostly in-line with GI Joe articulation.

Parts Recipe:
Dark Elf - Base Figure
Sora Bulq - Head
WoW Megablocks - Chest Armor
Sun Fac - Waist Armor
Nightcrawler - Waist
Kitty Pryde - Hips
Army of Darkness - Shield
OOTP Dementor - Spider Legs
LEGO - Spider leg talons, waist swivel peg
Croc Master - Whip
Storm Shadow - Whip handle

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