Monday, August 7, 2017

Norman - Protector of The Mighty One

 I never played with Mighty Max toys as a kid, but the cartoon sort of blew my mind. It had a lot of implied and overt darkness for children's cartoon, especially for when it came out. Quite a few 90's cartoons seemed to be trying to emulate the sophistication and success of the Batman Animated Series, but most of them did a pretty poor imitation. A few gems, like Mighty Max, managed to emulate a lot of the right aspects.

Norman was a great character, a guardian of the Mighty One who had been known by many different names throughout history including Thor, Hercules, Samson, Lancelot, and Little John. Fitting that some of his parts come from at least one of those characters, as well.

Parts Recipe:
Hercules - Head
Ares - Torso, Bare Arm, Hands, Ponytail, Upper Legs
Thunderstrike - Boots
Colossus - Armored Arm
Mercenary Wraith - Gauntlet
Hulk - Belts and Armor
Iron Grenadier - Pauldron
Chap Mei - Chain Belt

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