Monday, December 11, 2017

Raven - SparrowHawk Pilot

Created for PHX Customs 2017 Project GI JOE REDEMPTION. Another character from the cartoon that seemed like perfect fit for the team. I thought the Pirates Angelica head worked pretty well from the character, and the Black Widow body was a great starting base. We were torn on if we should leave her in the STRATO-VIPER red, or paint her to match the in the team’s green color. I did a quick photoshop color swap and decide it was worth it to repaint her, though I may make a classic red version for my collection at some point.

Strato-Viper - Helmet, Chestpiece, Hands, Boots
Black Widow - Base Figure
Angelica - Head

Calavera - Range-Viper

Created for PHX Customs 2017 Project GI JOE REDEMPTION. I can’t remember if someone else suggested EVY from the DIC cartoons or if I came across her and thought she’d be a good addition. The figure came together very quickly, and I thought the Skull Squad color scheme looked excellent on her. Her codename was SCAVENGER for a bit until BUCKY remembered Resurgence already used that name. I decided on CALAVERA, the Day of the Dead ornamental skulls, to go along with her Range-Viper mask and the Skull Squad theme.

Zanya - Head, Lower Arms
Snakebite - Torso, Upper Arms
Lady Jaye - Upper Legs
Range Viper - Helmet, Dagger
Alley-Viper - Boots
Scarf - Beachhead

Discharge - Unconventional Weaponry

Created for PHX Customs 2017 Project GI JOE REDEMPTION. I’ve been playing with a Left4Dead/COBRA inspired diostory idea for YEARS, and had the original version of what would become DISCHARGE sitting in my WIP box for almost as long. I like the idea of a TOXO-VIPER with just the lower half of his gear on. When this project came up, he seemed like a good fit, but it wasn’t until I asked for some name suggestions and Bucky came up with DISCHARGE that it all came together. It was perfect, a little gross but also a great double meaning. I decided he was just about the most unlikable person ever, and is always getting kicked out of anything he joins. The chemical pack was a fun, lets just glue tanks and hoses together and see what happens project, and I added the purple scarf as a callback to his TOXO-VIPER history.

Zartan - Head
Joe Colton - Torso, Arms
Star Wars Pilot - Gloves
Resolute Beachhead - Legs
Winter Soldier - Boots
Major Bludd - Scarf

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Siren - Hydro-Viper Prototype

Created for PHX Customs 2017 Project GI JOE REDEMPTION. I think Sam/doe138 suggested Mara on a list of potential characters. Initially, I had a much different idea for her, thinking I’d use an Avengers movie Scarlet Witch as a base for a more civilian look. When Guardians of the Galaxy 2 came out though, I remembered how much I liked Nebula’s character design (and actress Karen Gillan). A lavender HACKS blank was the perfect place to start, and I found some great wetsuit like parts in my fodder that came together almost seamlessly.

HACKS Blank - Head, Arms, Lower Legs
Mara Jade - Torso
Scarlett - Hips, Upper Legs
Cad Bane - Gill Breather

ECHO - Enhanced Combat Heavy Ordnance

Created for PHX Customs 2017 project GI JOE REDEMPTION. One of my early ideas for the team was a reprogrammed BAT. Sam/doe138 did some great sketches and had some good ideas for the character that really helped flesh out the concept. I rebuilt his torso a few times before settling on this design, and adding as many BAT elements as I could. His chest plate can, in theory, come off to reveal the standard BAT guts, but the paint and decal more or less sealed it into place. I tried a few different heads before I had the idea to turn the Marauder’s armored mask into a BAT helmet, and I think it came out pretty great!

Data-Viper - Head
Terminator Salvation T-700 - Torso, Shoulders
BAT - Forearms, Chestplate
COBRA Shock Trooper - Legs
Captain America - Boots
Sidon Ithano - Gun
X-Men Commando - Ammo Belt
Neo-Viper - Inner Backpack
Viper-Commando - Outer Backpack

Dusty - REDEMPTION Recruiter

Created for the PHX Customs 2017 project, GI JOE REDEMPTION. I didn’t know about Dusty’s past as a COBRA until the new sculpt era release of the figure that came with a CD with those episodes of the cartoon on it. My brother got it for my birthday, knowing Dusty had been my favorite as a kid. I really like the idea that even though it was an undercover operation, it all still weighs pretty heavy on Dusty’s conscious. He always seemed like one of the nicest guys, and the Joes just HATE him in those episodes because they think he’s gone traitor. I toyed with a lot of ideas for a more civilian look for him, and I’m a little bummed I didn’t find a way to get a Greendale Air Conditioning Repair School t-shirt into this design, but I was pretty happy with the look I did come up with.

Steve Rogers - Head, Gloves, Belt
Recondo - Torso, Arms
Airtight - Vest
Tunnel Rat - Legs
Wild Bill - Buckle
Army of Darkness Ash - Shotgun, Holster
Lowlight - Satellite Phone

Storm Shadow - REDEMPTION Consultant

Created for PHX Customs 2017 Project, GI JOE REDEMPTION. When we were brainstorming characters for the project, STORM SHADOW seemed like a good fit due to his back and forth loyalties in the comics and filecard stories. I didn’t have a very solid idea for him other than “maybe in a white suit,” I just knew I wanted to make a version of him that wasn’t a Ninja look. The Rogue One head seemed like a nice match for a STORM SHADOW who is a little bit older, and once I test fit that one a suit body I really thought I had something going.

Cherriut Imwe - Head
Shipwreck - Torso
Cobra Commander - Legs
Ace- Arms
Pops Racer - Jacket
Marauder’s - Tactical Tablet