Interested in owning an original piece of custom action figure art? I'd love to discuss any ideas you have.

Here's a rough guideline for my pricing:

-An original custom action figure is $125, with half due at the beginning of the project as a deposit.

A few things to keep in mind:

-Original Custom Action Figure Art is meant for display, not play, and generally isn't suitable for children. While I try to create the illusion of a factory produced toy, these pieces are uniquely crafted and are often much more delicate.

-There is the potential for paint wear around articulation joints. I do my best to minimize this and keep each piece as posable as possible, but again, handling with care is important.

-I ask for about 30 days from when the project starts (I receive your initial payment or the supplied parts) to finish. I'll keep in touch via e-mail, and if appropriate, will offer some in progress snapshots so you can see how your commissioned piece is coming along.

You can email dan at danofthedead dot com if you'd like to discuss your commission project ideas in detail!

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